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Keychains are available in many processes and price ranges, from $1.00 to $3.00 they are a very inexpensive method to promote your business or organization.

As with photo etch, this process provides an extensive selection of color choices and a production time of four to six weeks. However, because the enamel paint is separated by thin metal borders, small details cannot be color-filled. Therefore, this process is best suited for less-complex designs.

Utilizing steel dies to produce deep recesses to accept the color-fill, Die Struck Enamel affords a great deal of definition. This process is ideally suited for artwork which is light in detail. The design is "stamped" into the base metal, then color-filled and polished by hand.

If desired, a thin coat of clear epoxy can be applied to the surface to protect the enamel and provide a rich, finished look.

Size 5000 2500 1000 500 250 Die
3/4" $0.73 $0.79 $0.90 $1.07 $1.21 $55.00
1" $0.78 $0.86 $0.98 $1.16 $1.33 $55.00
1-1/4" $0.94 $1.01 $1.16 $1.36 $1.55 $75.00
1-1/2" $1.06 $1.15 $1.32 $1.52 $1.73 $75.00
1-3/4" $1.26 $1.36 $1.56 $1.79 $2.05 $80.00
2" $1.56 $1.70 $1.94 $2.22 $2.53 $90.00
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